I wanted to write about something that has been my passion and in my blood since I was a little girl.  I have danced my whole life and have found that as I got older the feeling and expression of dance truly does tell a story.  The way of being able to go to an empty dance studio and release any of the frustrations or issues from the day is something I wish all could feel.  I used to go to a studio when I was a dance major in College and it was on the 3rd floor surrounded by windows so you could escape to another world depending on what type of music I put on.  Sweating and moving to the music, telling the story of the troubles or happiness I felt.  When you listen to music, learn to feel it. Listen with your heart and hear the words deep in your soul. It truly can take you to another place.  The picture I have entered here tells the story of passion, love and the need to feel the music. So when you hear a song on the radio, how does it make you feel? Memories that remain in songs and lifetime stories are such a special thing to be able to keep in your heart.

The pose in this pic was done by Takeshi Kiama of Frozen Panties Poses. It comes in a dance studio as well as single dances poses in this pack and wow I am amazed by the quality and spot on ability to create a real look to these poses. Thank you Keshi 🙂

The picture was done by Nue (Dantelicia Ethaniel). Thank you so much for helping to create the feeling in this picture.  You have captured the passion!

Thank you to my rock and the most amazing man…I appreciate the fact that you let me tell a story through my dance and you support me every step of the way. You have the gift of feeling the music as well and it something special to be able to share that with you.  As we grow and move forward we will have many songs that tell our story.

Take the link to see what we are wearing

Pit is wearing:
OUTFIT:”’lotus noir”’ black urban shock    
Pyper is wearing:
Hair: Truth-Eden, Light blonde
Outfit:Adagio in Crimson by Raven Kumaki https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Adagio-crimson/461228
Shoes: Slink Ashia Point Ballet Show in Blood