Ladies, we need to talk.  I know it would seem that we have so many stores to choose from that we really don’t need any more styling choices in SL, but while shopping with my partner on a recent excursion, my eye was caught by a cute hip bag at a “men’s” store.  This got the old brain working;  What was I missing out on by only shopping in “ladies” departments….

Now, I am the girliest of girls.  Nothing is too frilly, blingy, lacy or pink enough for me, but check out some of these awesome finds that are male inspired.

In look 1, I follow the current trend of wearing men’s suits.  This suit from Designing Nicky Ree is for women, but is paired with a men’s top hat , cane, pocket watch and pinky ring.  The pose is a male pose too.

In look 2,   Men’s clothes can be great for casual looks or when you want to appear understated.  The hat, hair, sweater, shirt, and pants were all bought in men’s departments or stores.  The pose is a male pose in the pool table.

In Look 3,  Men’s things can be great when you want  your look to make a strong, hard statement.  The  hair, necklace, jacket, shirt, hip bag, drum case and pants are all men’s clothes.   The pose, again, is mens.

In look 4   I think most guys would agree that  there are few things sexier than women wearing their shirts 🙂  The shirt, shorts and cuff links (with color changing cuffs) are mens .

This is just the tip of the ice burg.  There were tons of wonderful clothes, accessories and poses I found in men’s stores.

Moral of the story –  Maybe we should all just “MAN UP”!

Click on the mOre link to get LM’s and Styling info on these looks!



TUX:     Nicky Ree      Lady Darcy Tux Set

HAT:       ttitude is an Artform   Sculpeted Top Hat with color change band

HAIR:      W&Y HAIR        Hir Base and Pony Tail

EARRING:     Alienbear’s Designs     Waterdrop Earrings

WATCH:      Phoenix Rising               Risk Pocket Watch (part of complete outfit)

CANE:        Casimir’s Eclectic Items    Slender Ebony Gold Cane

RING:       Digital Dragon Designs       Silver Diamond Onyx Pinky Ring

SHOES:     Rebel Hope Designs         Tuxedo Shoes

POSE:         EverGlow        Male 07

Look 2:

HAT:      Grumble       Men’s Flat Cap

HAIR:     Amacci           Steve   pony tail with hair base Tattoo

GLASSES:     MR Poet        Half Rim Glasses (color Change)

EARRINGS:     ROXXSTAR       Dice Earrings   (store has closed)

SHIRT:          SHIKI Designs        Hawaiian Shirt-KAUAI

SWEATER:       NSD                      Trident Sweater

PANTS:         Alphamale                    Sculpted Jeans

GARTER:       Pepper                            Summer Garter – weapon

BOOTS            DD Style                       Ankle Boots – Crock


HAIR:       Boon               TU831 hair mat  1

GLASSES:    [sYs] Design       Pulsar Glasses

NECKLACE:      Hidden Treasures of Dragon       Heart Wing Pendant

JACKET:     VERO MODERO        Black Leather Jacket

SHIRT:         CHANTKARE         Men’s – Netted Fringe Tank

Hip BAG:         GRASP       Men’s Leopard Hip Bag

PANTS:        DD STYLE        Men’s Leather Pants

DRUM CASE:      SEY         Drum Case   13in

BOOTS:          !Drakke!         “Restraint” Ankle Boots


HAIR:      [ 69 ]         DIVA

SHIRT:    [ hoorenbeek ]     Military Shirt

CUFF LINKS:    sf design      gold cupid cufflinks and colour chang Cuffs

BELLY PIERCING:    CCD – Caithlin Carter Designs   Pure – Belly ring – Butterfly

SHORTS:                SHIKI Designs       Retro Chic   (part of an outfit)  Group Gift

NAILS/BARE FEET:     S Destigns      Bare Feet and Hand nails