Halloween is just around the corner!!! I’m strutting around in the limited edition Tarot Arcana Avatar – Devil by Nomine.  There are 7 different avatars to pick from and only 12 copies of each will be sold.  What I have on is only one of the many different looks you can get out of the box.  The set includes:  devil shape – 3 devil skins (red/white/black) – 3 ears (red/white/black) – 3 horns (red/white/black) – 2 eyes – 4 tattoos – wings – nails – boots – tail – hair in 40 yes you read right 40 colors and too many clothing pieces to count. Hurry they wont last long!!! Because its limited edition and so many hot combinations you can make with this set there is little doubt you will be a one of a kind at any party.