Live Music For the Cure~

In Association with KMADD Enterprise, Best OF SL Magazine, Costa Rica Sim, Nuki Nuki Beach & Gardens Of Absentia

BCA Music Festival for the Cure – bringing together live performers and for a 9-hour event. This will feature some of the best performers in Second Life. Saturday 24 July 2010, 12:00 – 21:00 SLT, Costa Rica Sims,

Clarice Karu                          11:00  slt
Trav McCullough                  12:00  slt             
Ronus LeFevre                     13:00 / 01:00 slt
Ian Bleac                              14:00 / 02:00 slt      
Strum Diesel                        15:00 / 03:00 slt       
Rock Doghouse                   16:00 / 04:00 slt  
StarFlower  Orbit                17:00 /  05:00 slt        
Yahshvah Shinja                18:00  / 06:00 slt
MommaLuv Skytower        19:00 /  07:00 slt   

In an effort to raise the level of Breast Cancer Awareness, celebrating survivors, honoring those that have made the ultimate sacrifice, friends, family are all invited to take part in the BCA Music Festival for the Cure.
All proceeds go to the Komen 60 miles in 3-Days for the Cure organization.  (

Music festival for the Cure is one of the many activities as part of the 2010 BCA Pool of Hope Charities. To learn more visit the BCA tribute Garden at the Gardens of Absentia.