It is time for us to look for some new dancers to add to our amazing group we have allready. 

  The Dazzlers is a team of dancers and models who are paid to represent with class, grace, and style in fashion shows, promotional events, paid performances, magazine ads, videos, and commercials.  Ladies and gentlemen who are chosen to represent Dazzlers on the team will be paid for their participation at these events and modeling jobs, will have exclusive opportunities to build their modeling portfolios as few others can, and will receive many custom and prereleased Dazzler Inc. designs while an active member on the team.

We will have 3 sections to the audition process…application reviews (please pic these up at Dazzlers Studio or contact Pyper Dollinger), auditions by invitation only, and individual interviews.

1.  Please create a folder named Dazzlers – [YOUR NAME] In this folder please put the application and include 3 pics of yourself…1 headshot, 1 full bodyshot, and 1 pic that will show us your personality.  Please do not include nude shots.

2.  The second portion will be an invitation-only individual interview where you will get the opportunity to demonstrate your personality in a conversational setting.   

3.  The third portion to the auditions will be an invitation-only tryout, which will consist of a review of your knowledge of terms and moves.  You will be given animations and gestures and will be expected to successfully perform them on cue.  The information on this will be discussed at interviews.

If you are chosen to become a member of the Dazzlers, there will be an information session regarding shape, ettiquete and overal performance expectations.

Please visit the Dazzlers Studio for the application or you can contact Pyper Dollinger to receive your packet.  Hope to see you soon!