SM- Bridgette-5 copy

Hey everyone! How are you all today? For today’s post, I have something good to show you all. BARE BRIGITTE is a new shoe from Stiletto Moody, which comes in thirteen beautiful colours. Each one looks as stunning as the next one, and to make sure you have the right colour for your occasion, the fat pack is definitely a good buy.

SM- Bridgette-2 copy

These shoes are styled in a very distinct 50’s fashion, with two tight straps and a perfectly styled angle makes these shoes especially suited for a night on the town, or to seduce your partner on those special occasions 😉 The tiny bow on the front of the shoe gives a tiny, sweet touch which gives these shoes a lot of character.

SM- Bridgette-1 copy

BARE BRIGITTE are now available at Stiletto Moody, so make sure you don’t miss them. Run down to Stiletto Moody at once and get these awesome shoes 😉

SM- Bridgette-3 copy

So what are you waiting for!

SM- Bridgette-4 copy

~ Natasja Schumann

Stiletto Moody