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I went dancing with my Fiance to Franks and had a great time.  We like to look our best and these outfits were perfect as was the music and company.  It was a mmmm…. special night.  These outfits certainly got noticed and there was several im’s querying the creators.  I strongly suggest you visit these stores for formal attire. 

She is wearing Paris Metro: Venti Cup Gown + Gloves

This gown is not only elegant but just speaks volumes of sex appeal whereever you go, with its horizontal slit down your right side, it teases but doesn’t quite reveal more.  The gloves add that touch of sophistication with a flowing skirt that catches the inquiring eye.  You will certainly feel the centre of attention in this magnificant creation by Paris Metro:

He is wearing Mohna Lisa Couture: Sir James Evening Suit

The Sir James Evening suit is a very elegant suit with its concepts based on formal Miltary wear and elegant suits for that special occasion.  The suit is very elegant, and stylish and with its red Cravat, gold buttons and watch chain, and white shirt, it gives you that element of uniqueness and will get you noticed in any ballroom or social function.  The suit offers you a closed or open shirt option and the texturing work is of the highest quality.  This one will take the Ladies breath away and soon you will dealing with a storm of IM’s.

Mohna Lisa Couture

Paris Metro