Helloo everyone! So many sales and stuffs going on! Woo, dont you just LOVE spring?! If anyone has heard, Vive9 is closing 😦 and BluAbyss has cut down the prices to ALL her skins shapes and stuff half off! + has set out like 26 gift bags with unreleased skins and clothes, eyes, shapes. But BEWARE the lag in there is MASSIVE. I think the sim has already crashed once, haha. But yes try and check it out. There are a BUNCH of sales going on. 😀

Skin: tres blah (OMG i LOVE LOVE LOVE this skin! Literally, it has hairy legs and busy eyebrows, a lil mustache and ACNE! who would’ve thought imperfection was so GORGEOUS!) Though i dont know if its still out lol, it was part of the stumblebum items.

Hairs: Trico :::{{trico}}::: CARLA (platinum)

Pants: Rotten Toe

Shirt: (vive9)

Socks: Surf Co.

Shoes: *kookie*

Umbrella: Rotten Toe

Eyes: MiaSnow

Lashes: MiaSnow

Orange in mouth is from RC cluster + so is the ironing set behind me. 🙂

Ciao Darlings! See you all next Wednesday! ❤