It seems the Dazzlers have now made a tradition of doing Easter pics in this most adorable Easter Bunny outfit from !gO! …this store is so cool and has so many different types of cool and creative outfits for holiday style.  I think I have also found the coolest prim baby and furniture in SL here as well. 

Last year it was just a few of us and this year we grew and had a blast doing these pics.  Look out we might be hopping to a club to try out our bunny bouncing  feet or just being goofy hanging out.  So keep your eyes open..the Easter Bunny is on it’s way. Sorry for all the pics but had to share in the fun so make sure to click after the jump. 🙂

Top Row on this page from left to right: 

Takeshi Kiama and Deyna Broek

Vitality Lollipop and Annamaria Manatiso

Pyper Dollinger and Tatiana Kurri

and Tiana Radek

Thanks so much to the DAZZLERS for once again making me laugh and reminding me what an awesome team we are…love you all!!! hugs