If your looking for that high class, Alice-In-Wonderland look for Easter make sure to check out Bare Rose.  I was so impressed with the quality of work and the price as well.  Now I can go in style to any Easter Party.  I can also toot my own horn while I’m at it!   Click for more

I want to thank my buds Tatiana Kurri and Takeshi Kiama for joining me in this post…We had such a blast shooting it!! Keshi didn’t fall once on his butt…he is a pro roller skater!


Thanks MommaLuv Skytower for the egg… We really tried hard to get in to see what was inside but just couldn’t. lol

What we are Wearing!

TAKESHI: B@R Trum-Pet-B-Boy

PYPER: Bare Rose-Trum-Pet Bunny Black
Shoes: Tart-Bound Platform Black
Hair: Boon-UPP382-Blonde

TATI: Bare Rose-Trum-Pet Bunny Red
Shoes- McQueen Goth Boots (black)
Hair-W&Y 66 Type A -black
Skin- Lara-Ariana smokey1 nude lips