Have you ever watched that movie where someone walks into a store and the hallelujah song blares arms go to the side and they faint?  Well that happen to me today.  The second I walked in to Tonic, I knew this was going to be my store. 


I immediately had to have every demo and could not wait to try each and everyone on.  I already was sad though, because I knew I could not afford all of them.  But our time on SL is endless so I am sure in time I will own them all.  Plus because they are well priced for a single color or a fat pack it won’t take too long for me to have them all. 


Snapshot_007If you look into the pics you will see also that you can adjust the sizing.  You say oh wow, and roll your eyes.  But with his menu driven sizing you can adjust one prim or all of them.  So you can truly make the hair your own.  Even if every male in sl has the same hair you can adjust it just a little to fit you.  Stand out, be different. 



I have included some pics of only a few of the styles Blaine Alderson has made so far. And keep in mind the colors are from the demo pack.  He offers a wide range of colors and fat packs in a group of colors. 



Be sure to check out Tonic it is the answer to our hair prayers.