Ok so a few of my friends decided to be totally silllies and all dress as Bunnies last night!  Tati found the cutest costume on XSTREET for 399L.  They come in pink, blue,  yellow and purple and we each got a color and decided to go to The Blue Note to deliver some goodies. 🙂  This outfit comes with full costume, AO that skips and when you stand still you rock your hips back and forth.  Of course the urge to skip and swing our baskets hit many times through the night..We do apologize for anyone we ran over in this frenzy.  The details of this outfit are pretty amazing…The satin ties look so real and the baskets for each of us all were different.  Some with lace and some with ribbons.  The vibrant colors and little details of each and every egg really show that there was a ton of work in this. Anyway, Happy Easter to all of you and here are many pictures!  Thank you so much to my fab five friens ;),  Tatiana Kurri, Vivienne Darcy, Vitality Lollipop, Roxi Riche, SavannahAnn McMillan and Takeshi Kiama.  I apologize to Takeshi for not getting any shots up here but I couldnt get any with your eyes open…I will get some good ones of you soon :)…we truly are a mess! Love you and huge hugs! Enjoy more pics after the jump!easter-shot-pyper-head1




top left is Me
top right is SavannahAnn McMillan
bottom left is Tatianna Kurri
bottom right is Vitality Lollipop