titleA great quality of second life is the ability to jump out of your comfort zone for as long or as little as you want.  It’s easy to jump from one style of clothing to another depending on the event or even your mood that day.  The reason I’m bringing this up is, I was doing what I do best, that is wearing out the T.P. button on the search window.  I found myself in some awesome surroundings, real settings, and damn even a clothing store selling men’s and women’s duds.  The place was called, Brute Forge/Shabby Cat.


I was impressed by the outside alone, an industrial setting.  Complete with a ship offloading cargo, forklift moving it, and a realistic dock awaiting more ships.  So needless to say it took me a little bit to actually check out the clothes.  I was, to be honest, not sure at first, only because it was not my main style of clothing.  The look was a grunge with punk attitude.  I was intrigued and did not just dismiss this store, it had way too much character and you could just feel the love of designing and building within the store.


Once I started looking around I knew I had to get some of these awesome looks and write about Brute Forge/Shabby Cat.  Since I did not think my legs would look good in the very sexy mini jean skirt, I moved to the guy’s side and decided on some outfits. 


You can see in the pictures of how much time and effort has gone into the designing and planning of all the clothes at Brute Forge/Shabby Cat.  The shadowing is fantastic, textures are realistic, and the overall look of the cloths gives you a don’t f*#k with me attitude.  I highly recommend checking out Brute Forge/Shabby Cat, and taking the chance like I did and stepping outside the everyday norm, or for some this look is the everyday norm and in that case you need every piece of this store in your inventory. 



















For my outfits:

Skin- Redgrave

Hair- Good Life

Shoes – Shiny Thing

Jewelry- JCNY


The Two Outfits:

Melting Skull T-shirt

Warehouse Jeans


 Virtue Black Long/short sleeve shirt

            (Comes with: Prim Collar, and Cuffs

               for both long and short sleeves)

Warehouse jeans