I was asked to do a collaboration with Avenue Models on March 8 and what an amazing show it turned out to be. It was an Italian show with so many amazing designers. 

La Dolce Vita, Italian for ‘The Sweet Life’, was hailed as the most widely seen and acclaimed European film of the 1960’s, directed by Federico Fellini.  Few realize that Fellini’s initial inspiration for the movie was a dress created by designer Cristóbal Balenciaga.  Balenciaga was an innovator in his use of fabrics, is noted for contributions to the fashion industry such as the tunic dress and high-waisted baby doll dress, and his sculptural creations were considered masterworks of haute couture in the 1950’s and 1960’s.  La Dolce Vita, reminiscent of Balenciaga’s trendsetting creations, depicts the lives of Roman celebrities in the early 60’s.  Fellini filled the screen with vibrant colors and elegant motions giving one a feeling of sweet dreaminess.   

LA DOLCE VITA filled the audiences screen with the same elegance and vibrance of SL’s finest Italian collections from Addoro Design, Alatiel Fashions, Anubis Style, Bolero Collection, DD Style, Diorsis Hair Design, Jador Fashion, Lady Thera, and Preciosity of Style.  This stellar fashion presentation, conceptualized by director Rusch Raymaker, AVENUE CEO, and managed by AVENUE Designer Liaison Livia Mastroianni, was given an avant garde treatment in choreography and set design in collaboration with dance choreographer Pyper Dollinger and special appearance by the entertaining and graceful SPIRIT Dazzlers.

I wanted to showcase some of the outfits I wore as being one of the SPIRIT Dazzlers dancers.  The mixture of dancers and models showcasing this totally exquisite show was one I will never forget.  You can see video footage of the Dazzlers at www.spiritdazzlers.com. Also, please visit the Avenue Models website at www.avenuesl.com and http://avenuemodels.wordpress.com.

I am going to show a few of the outfits that were given to the audience members as a token from the designers.  You can find these at their stores and I have added the lms in the where we shop section of the blog. (top under the header). Please click the jump for more on this show and some pics!


Alatiel Fashions, from the creative mind of Alatiel Malies, is a collection of designs that started within scrapbooks from her teen years.  Alatiel’s youthful sketches have been revitalized within SL, proof that excellence can be realized from even our less graceful attempts.  Her styles vary from casual to elegant and sophisticated to sporty, or even for those who are looking for shock factor.  A girl who wears Alatiel is prepared for every occasion.  Men who wear Alatiel not only stand out, but catch a woman’s glance.  Thanks to the designers ability to interpret both the male and female mind, Alatiel Fashions hits our most inner emotions.  For more information please visit her mainstore in Piazza Italia. 
Alatiel Fashions


Anubis Style, designs from the beloved Anubis Hartunian, is known for it’s vibrant hand drawn textures.  A self-taught painter, practicing Mandala painting, Anubis likes to play with colors, mixing and melting them together deepening their variants and tones.  She has discovered a new language with color, a language that touches everyone differently and brings out unique aspects of one’s personality.  Anubis’ unique custom work has won awards.  Most recently her hand drawn suit for Miss Virtual World, Mimmi Boa, was auctioned for “Make-A-Wish Foundation of America®”.  Anubis Style has been showcased by the top agencies of fashion in SL and published in the best magazines.  For more information please visit her mainstore in Piazza Italia.
Anubis Style


Bolero Collection, created by Amanda Bolero in 2006 started as an expression of her creativity in furnishings and has grown to stunning designs of fashion and accessories.  Self-taught, Amanda has a great passion for painting and sculpture that is clearly seen in her ornate details.  Unique in her stylings, Amanda is not only able to satisfy her customers but go beyond their imagination with her elegance and originality.  The Bolero Collection is rich with woven elaborate textures, defined sparkle, dresses from romantic to high fashion, and casual to sexy.  It’s Amanda’s personal touch for perfection that distinguishes her brand and makes it suitable for all occasions. 

Bolero Collection


DD Style, the creation of designer Dadina Dosei, was born in September of 2006.  Bringing her RL creativity as clothing and jewelry designer to SL, Dadina immediately established herself.  She says destiny brought her companion, JhonnyGiò, a RL graphic designer, to her and since both have dedicated themselves to fashion.  A brand for women that are looking to show off their personality and femininity, DD Style will put you at the center of attention.  From the luxurious and elegant evening dresses to their sophisticated clothes for everyday wear, DD Style is a tribute to femininity with it’s lace, embroidery, sequins, and silk designs – all a profile of seduction.  With it’s thorough craftsmanship for an international market, DD Style brings dreams to reality.  For more information please visit her mainstore in Piazza Italia. 

*DD Style

 The hair is from Diorsis Hair Design, is the work of RL hairdresser and wig designer Safia Ellen Sieslack, Diorsis Rossini in SL.  Running her hair salon by day, Second Life is a place for her to showcase her work and creativity by night.  Diorsis gives each style a unique touch and her ornate detail can be seen within each fine hair.  For more information please visit her website, http://www.safiaellensieslack.com/

Diorsis Hair Design


EYES-{SI} Dualtone Eyes-Ballet 1
HAIR-[rq] Fire
OUTFIT-Alatiel Fashions-Design
Bracelet-**DD Style**bracelets
SHOES-Wrong-LegWarmer Boots
POSES-[LAP] Blogger poses

SKIN-Belleza-female skin-peace on earth hunt gift
EYES-Glanz-Clear Brown
OUTFIT-Anubis Style-Gift
SHOES-ETD Calf Boots
Poses-[LAP] Blogger poses

SKIN-[Rockberry] Megan
EYES-[SI] Monochrome Eyes-Grape
HAIR-[rq] Lazy
OUTFIT-Bolero Collection-Red Valentine
BRACELET-[Spork] silver bangles
POSES-[LAP]-Slippery Pack


SKIN-SPIRIT Skins 3.0-Torrance Medium
EYES-Glanz-fresh blue
HAIR-Diorsis-catwalk 1 black
OUTFIT-**DD Style*-Gothic Rock
BOOTS-included in outfit along with necklace and bracelets.
POSES-[LAP] Spice Pack

Written by Pyper Dollinger

Descriptions of designers done by Rusch Raymaker

Photos by Pyper Dollinger and Fernando Bergbahn

Spirit will have a magazine coming out soon so stay tuned for updated info on that!