I know this is a fashion blog.  There are two things you have to take into consideration.  One, what good is it to dress up if you can’t show it off by going out.  Two, I’m a big kid and play well with others.  So I stumbled upon a place so cool I just had to write about it.  I was in Showcase in the search and I found Splitsville.




Splitsville, for those that don’t know, is a bowling alley.  Now don’t stop reading now.  I know you may of tried the rest but this is really the best.  I had so much fun my stomach hurt from laughing and having a good time.  It is perfect for some friends to go and unwind.  If you have voice then let the harassing begin for every gutter ball.  And trust me when you’re learning, there will be plenty of them.   Oh did I mention its free.  I bet I have your attention now.


When I arrived outside it took me awhile just to get inside the alley, there is so much non bowling stuff to do.  There was a swimming pool (in the shape of a pin of course).  There is an outdoor stage for live entertainment, and if it’s a nice day in SL you can bowl outside. 




When you enter the main building, you have to get your bowling shoes, see this is a fashion post, everyone loves how bowling shoes add to an outfit.  Then it’s off to the lanes.  You have several to choose from, there are lanes inside, on the roof and outside. Once you have decided where you want to bowl you need the h.u.d. and bowling glove, all available at the lanes.  Then you just don’t get any ball you actually pick your own ball, color and all.  Then it’s time to bowl.




I promise you if you don’t have a good time and a laugh to go with it then you have issues.  I had a great time and Pyper who I sent there not only kicked butt at bowling also had way too much fun from what I heard.  So gather up your friends for; dancing, eating, drinking, pool, swimming, and of course bowling.