sign1A Nice Surprise


I have done a post on KalRau Clothing before, but I received a group notice of a lot of new clothes that he has made.  So I figured since these are my favorite outfits to wear I needed to go get them.  I was so impressed with the new line that I bought almost the whole lot.  And then started getting some outfits I did not own yet.  Ever have that one store that you own pretty much the whole store, well KalRau is mine.  


The surprise came when I stepped outside and I changed into my new outfit.  (Forget going home to change what’s the worst that could happen? I go completely naked!)  Then after I changed I thought I was looking into a mirror, because the person standing in front of me was in almost the same outfit.  Then to look at the name, I was in awe, it was Kal Rau himself.  I found out that not only does he design awesome, realistic, and affordable clothes but is also a great person.  We talked for quite some time and I felt I was the lucky one to be able to have this opportunity.  He was nice enough to complete some of my outfits and I am showing them off for you now.


The best thing I feel about all of Kal Rau’s designs is that you mix and match everything in the store.  So every outfit can be as unique as your avi.  I won’t bore you with going over each of my outfits, because when you go, and I know you will, you will make the outfit yours. 


I do however want to point out key features.  Kal makes some of the best fitting shoes if seen so far.  If you notice I show you three of the pairs; Republik, Democrat Leather, and Street Next tennis shoes. 


Moving up the avi, this has to be the coolest extra on sl when it comes to clothes.  An IPOD, yes I said it an IPOD, it comes free of charge when you buy the Jeans.  It does not stop there; it also comes with the option to have the earpiece in your ear or having it just in your pocket.  Now that is bridging the gap between RL and SL. 


The shirts are all such excellent textures, real looking fabrics, and no need for any adjustments.  My personal favorite is the long sleeve white shirt with the belt.  I wish he would make more like that.


So I could go on all day about this store, in fact I think this is my longest blog post ever.  But with all the words I type here I can’t do enough justice to the hard work and awesome ideas for Mr. Rau.  So as soon as you’re done looking at what you COULD buy, GO-n- buy.




Shirt: Black Shirt M2

Pants: Cargo Pants

Skin: Red Grave

Hair: Virtual Creations Rage

Jewelry: Digital Dragon Chain

Shoes: Republik Shoes (Black)




Shirt: Blue Polo

Pants: Cargo Pants in Gray

Skin: Red Grave

Hair: Good Life Menace

Jewelry: Digital Dragon Designs

Shoes: Republik Shoes (Blue)




 Shirt: Plaid Jacket

Pants: Skater Pants

Skin: Red grave

Hair: Muism Rio

Jewelry: JCNY

Shoes: Street next White



Shirt: Black Shirt with Sweater

Pants: Skater Pants with IPOD

Skin: Red Grave

Hair: Kal Rau Ball Cap with hair

Jewelry: NC Jaded Sunglasses

Shoes: Street Next White




 Shirt: White Long sleeve with Belt

Pants: Blue Jeans

Skin: Red Grave

Hair: Corsa Black Hair

Jewelry: JCNY

Shoes: Democrat Leather Shoes