The Passion

I wanted to write about something that has been my passion and in my blood since I was a little girl.  I have danced my whole life and have found that as I got older the feeling and expression of dance truly does tell a story.  The way of being able to go to an empty dance studio and release any of the frustrations or issues from the day is something I wish all could feel.  I used to go to a studio when I was a dance major in College and it was on the 3rd floor surrounded by windows so you could escape to another world depending on what type of music I put on.  Sweating and moving to the music, telling the story of the troubles or happiness I felt.  When you listen to music, learn to feel it. Listen with your heart and hear the words deep in your soul. It truly can take you to another place.  The picture I have entered here tells the story of passion, love and the need to feel the music. So when you hear a song on the radio, how does it make you feel? Memories that remain in songs and lifetime stories are such a special thing to be able to keep in your heart.

The pose in this pic was done by Takeshi Kiama of Frozen Panties Poses. It comes in a dance studio as well as single dances poses in this pack and wow I am amazed by the quality and spot on ability to create a real look to these poses. Thank you Keshi 🙂

The picture was done by Nue (Dantelicia Ethaniel). Thank you so much for helping to create the feeling in this picture.  You have captured the passion!

Thank you to my rock and the most amazing man…I appreciate the fact that you let me tell a story through my dance and you support me every step of the way. You have the gift of feeling the music as well and it something special to be able to share that with you.  As we grow and move forward we will have many songs that tell our story.

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Show Some Skin to Support Those We love!!

Sadly, I think we all have known someone who has been touched by cancer.  I thought in this post I would focus on looks that are not only provocative, but serve as a support for those we love and help remind us to be as proactive as we need to be.

In look 1, I accessorize this stunning gown from Mashooka with a stained glass turban from Two Sisters Treasures .

This adorable teapot hat from  Donna Flora reminded me of an old-fashioned nursery tea.

I just adored this jelly fish headpiece form   Finesmith.  I have paired it with an ultra chic catsuit from Gizza.

There are so many other interesting fashion accessories to adorn a bald head in Second life.  Once I started looking, I couldn’t stop buying!

Cancer affects almost everyone in some way. Let’s make sure we all do our breast exams and cancer screenings. Don’t procrastinate or second guess yourself if you feel something is wrong.

please, follow the links below for additional information and please support these very worthy organizations.

American Cancer Society

Susan G Konnen Race for the Cure

Please click the More Link for additional pictures and style info.

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-yummy yasum-


I started out looking for something to pair with a leather corset so I asked in group chat if anyone knew where I could find something specific.  Miss Azlyn Vaher of Yasum Designs showed me some wonderful things she had and even went as far as to redo the black tone for me.  When it comes to customer service Azlyn is the best. Well instead of the corset I fell in love with these high waisted leathers.  The pack also comes with with low rise leathers!!  Keep watching I’ve got more of this store to show you.

Skin – :GP: Acorn Frex [Dark] June-Raccoon 1
Makeup – *BOOM* Liquid Glaze (lashed) Black
Eyes – FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Steel Blue
Glasses – :::Sn@tch Dolores Cateye Glasses:::
Lashes – :::Sn@tch Lush Glam Lashes (Black):::
Hair – Truth – Nolene – espresso
Shirt – NanoGunk: Tied Shirt – Little Sheer
Pants – Yasum*Legal Trash Leathers High Waist
Shoes – Mstyle XIAOYI Wedge – Silver Zebra
Necklace – :*:CPD:*: Unisex Celtic Cross Necklace (for whatever hunt)

-wasabi princess-

I found this gorgeous hair from Wasabi Pills at the Zombie Popcorn Dark Magic Winter event and just had to make an outfit around it.  I feel so exotic and beautiful.

Skin – :Dutch Touch:: ::jALiAh:: DARK – Basic CL4 EBBlack
Lipstick – ::Dutch Touch:: ::Jaliah:: Ebony – Lipstick – nr 7a
Eye Makeup – – DAMNED – CatEyes MakeUp
Eyes – FASHISM ‘Sunrise’ Eyes – Light Steel Blue (S)
Hair – /Wasabi Pills/ Reptilia Hair – Roya
Silks – Quality Designs – Shayana
Necklace/Earrings – MANDALA]SINRA

-sn@tch-maitreya-glam affair-

So much shopping – so much newness. I can’t wait to open my packages from the With Love, Again Hunt but i just had to show you this.  First is the squeal worthy new skin from Glam Affair Linn.  I can’t tell you how many options there are.  The hair is from a new to me store DrLife.  I love that it doesnt cut into me in so many different poses.  The eyes are also from a new to me store called Roly-Poly.  The fatpack and its a huge fatpack is only 300L what a steal.  16 colors and 3 different sizes and a couple freebies in the store too.  The shirt is a new release from one of my all time fave stores Sn@tch!! Can never have enuff of that can you?  The jeans are really capris with a cute lace cuff from yet another new store to me Larry Jeans but I had to pair them with the hot hot hot mesh Maitreya Radical Boots in Reptile Coffee.  The bangles were a steal I found in the Marketplace from PM Delight for 0L, and these weren’t the only freebies.  Hang on while I go into newness overload. Links after the break. Continue reading


Ladies, we need to talk.  I know it would seem that we have so many stores to choose from that we really don’t need any more styling choices in SL, but while shopping with my partner on a recent excursion, my eye was caught by a cute hip bag at a “men’s” store.  This got the old brain working;  What was I missing out on by only shopping in “ladies” departments….

Now, I am the girliest of girls.  Nothing is too frilly, blingy, lacy or pink enough for me, but check out some of these awesome finds that are male inspired.

In look 1, I follow the current trend of wearing men’s suits.  This suit from Designing Nicky Ree is for women, but is paired with a men’s top hat , cane, pocket watch and pinky ring.  The pose is a male pose too.

In look 2,   Men’s clothes can be great for casual looks or when you want to appear understated.  The hat, hair, sweater, shirt, and pants were all bought in men’s departments or stores.  The pose is a male pose in the pool table.

In Look 3,  Men’s things can be great when you want  your look to make a strong, hard statement.  The  hair, necklace, jacket, shirt, hip bag, drum case and pants are all men’s clothes.   The pose, again, is mens.

In look 4   I think most guys would agree that  there are few things sexier than women wearing their shirts 🙂  The shirt, shorts and cuff links (with color changing cuffs) are mens .

This is just the tip of the ice burg.  There were tons of wonderful clothes, accessories and poses I found in men’s stores.

Moral of the story –  Maybe we should all just “MAN UP”!

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nomine for halloween

Halloween is just around the corner!!! I’m strutting around in the limited edition Tarot Arcana Avatar – Devil by Nomine.  There are 7 different avatars to pick from and only 12 copies of each will be sold.  What I have on is only one of the many different looks you can get out of the box.  The set includes:  devil shape – 3 devil skins (red/white/black) – 3 ears (red/white/black) – 3 horns (red/white/black) – 2 eyes – 4 tattoos – wings – nails – boots – tail – hair in 40 yes you read right 40 colors and too many clothing pieces to count. Hurry they wont last long!!! Because its limited edition and so many hot combinations you can make with this set there is little doubt you will be a one of a kind at any party.

Gizza’s Got it All!

While stopping by Gizza to pick up some of their amazing group gifts, I was really blown away by the versatile style choices in the new mainstore.  Whether you are looking  for Avant Guarde edge, sophisticated elegance or sporty casual wear, Gizza is a great place to find what you are looking for!

Look 1 shows the ultra modern Sophisticate Gown. Lovely black lace accents this super current stunner and to give it a touch of femininity.

Look 2 is the bright and colorful Summer Angels  Dress.  Layers of pastel panels make this whimsical dress perfect for so many occasions.   As if that were not enough, the jewelry is included!

In Look 3, my partner Skippy and I are wearing Gizza Shirts, Pants and I am wearing an adorable Gizza poncho.  These are just a few of the super chic Casual clothes Gizza has to offer!

Clickt the more link button for SLURLS and more pics!

Gizza Sophistacate

Gizza Angles Dress

Gizza Look 3

click the more link below for SLURLs and more pics!

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